Beyond Launches New Subscription Service to
Help Businesses Connect with Niche Talent

King of Prussia, PA – March 24, 2015Beyond, The Career Network, today announced the launch of its online subscription-based service, which provides small businesses with ongoing access to Beyond’s 45 million members and 500+ niche talent communities. These tiered plans are designed to make the hiring process more efficient, cost-effective and transparent by providing users with the powerful resources they need to target the right job candidates.

Online job postings have enabled candidates to more easily find jobs and for employers to have access to a much larger talent pool. However, this has made it even harder for employers to sift through applications and connect with the most qualified job seekers. While the recruitment industry has adopted pay-for-performance models so employers can decide how much they want to pay per job seeker, these models are complex, require ongoing management and don’t solve the quality issue. Listening to employers who want a simpler solution, Beyond created an online subscription-based service that applies a marketing approach so businesses can target across niche talent communities and place jobs in front of the most relevant candidates.

“Many small businesses and recruiters want a simple solution to easily connect with the appropriate job candidates,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond. “We streamlined the process by developing a subscription-based service that applies marketing techniques to the recruitment space. Rather than being forced to cast a wide net and sift through candidates with irrelevant experience, our platform allows employers to zero in on the applicants they want so they can fill the openings they have as quickly as possible.”

Knowing that every company’s hiring needs are different, Beyond’s subscription service is available in three tiers: Talent Pro, Recruiter, and Recruiter Premium. Each tier has a monthly and annual rate, and all provide clients with a powerful platform to target the right job seekers. Rather than simply blasting out their job postings to everyone, Beyond’s subscription plans enable clients to present opportunities to the best candidates through the use of a free applicant tracking system, mobile-optimized job listings, candidate email alerts, and premium search capabilities.

“Most job boards are limited by users’ search capabilities and the site’s ability to return job descriptions that match keywords,” said Joe Stubblebine, Vice President of Talent Solutions at Beyond. “With Beyond’s subscription service, we target our niche network of candidates to deliver job descriptions to the people our clients are most interested in. It’s simply a more powerful, efficient and cost-effective way to hire the right people and solves that common recruitment problem—How do you find the best candidates when anyone can apply?”  

More information about Beyond’s new subscription service can be found here.

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