National Survey Reveals Subtle Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful Online Job Seekers

King of Prussia, PA – March 11, 2015Beyond, The Career Network, today announced results from a comprehensive national survey of more than 2,500 respondents. The survey looked at the habits of those applying for work online and found that successful and unsuccessful job seekers are essentially doing the same things to find employment. Despite these behavioral similarities, those who have received one or more job offers in the past six months are doing so by managing their time more efficiently, customizing their resumes and conducting research.

As the economy continues to improve and the employment market heats up, more job seekers are rejoining the workforce. Amid this increase in competition, Beyond’s survey highlights that the line between being a successful and unsuccessful online job seeker is razor-thin. Both groups are spending approximately 40 hours a month searching for work, applying for jobs multiple times a week and using social media to search for opportunities. So, what’s the difference between being highly-effective and going unnoticed? Three things: time management, attention to detail and research.

According to Beyond survey data, those who evaluate a job posting based on the reputation of the site it appears on increase their chances of receiving a job offer by 21%. Additionally, successful candidates don’t procrastinate. When they find a solid opportunity, they apply for it. This makes them 7% more likely to land the position. This data indicates that successful online job applicants excel at time management. Rather than wasting time on sites or opportunities that aren’t promising, they focus on ones that are.

Successful job candidates also plan ahead. Those who customize their resumes are 10% more likely to get a job offer than those who don’t. They are also 7% more likely to research companies before submitting an application, further demonstrating their attention to detail and willingness to reinforce how their experience is applicable to the positions they apply for.

“Looking for work online is like millions of people fishing in the same lake. Everyone works just as hard and uses the same tools, but some people catch more fish than others,” said Joe Weinlick, VP of Marketing for Beyond. “It looks like luck--but those who are successful are doing subtle things differently to improve their odds. Knowing where to fish, doing your homework, and customizing your approach pays dividends.”

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