Will It Be Easy to Find a Job in 2017? 10 Expert Predictions

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Megan Elliott

New year, new job. Making a big career change is on the top of many people’s to-do list for 2017. Nearly one-quarter of workers are hoping to find a job in the next 12 months, according to a CareerBuilder survey, while 34% of workers

Workers might be ready for a change, but they’re not necessarily optimistic about their prospects. Just under 25% of people say they expect 2017 to be a worse year for job seekers than 2016, Spherion Staffing found, while 27% say it should be better. A third are nervous about how the economy will affect their job prospects and 20% say the results of the presidential election affected their job search plans.

Although some people might feel uncertain going into the new year, the 2017 job market is shaping up to be a strong one. Business owner optimism is up, which could spur hiring, employers say they plan to hire more college grads this year than last, and workers with the right skills are in high demand. For people who are considering a career shift, now could finally be the time to dust off your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and get that new job you’ve been dreaming about.

To find out what job seekers can expect over the next 12 months, The Cheat Sheet reached out to career experts. From who will be hiring to what skills employers are looking for, here are their job market predictions for 2017.

1. More businesses will be ready to hire

With a businessman set to occupy the Oval Office, many companies are going into 2017 with renewed confidence. Following November’s presidential election, small business optimism soared, according to the NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism, with more companies expecting to expand and increase hiring. That trend should continue into 2017.

“2017 should be the best year for job seekers in quite some time,” Joe Weinlick, the senior vice president of marketing at Beyond.com, said. “Professional and high demand workers benefited from a tightening labor market in 2016, but many people continued to struggle to find jobs. Trump promised jobs and has delivered a few, but the biggest impact he can have on the labor market is to give people and businesses confidence. When businesses are confident, they hire.”
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