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The holiday season is officially here and that means it’s time for companies to host their annual holiday party. Many companies take this time as an opportunity to celebrate another successful year in the books and thank their employees for their hard work, but holiday parties can have another added bonus—they’re great for cultivating company culture.

According to a new survey of 3,600 job seekers from career network Beyond, 74 percent of respondents said they believe their company party boosts employee morale. And the reason is pretty simple—employees like to feel appreciated and valued and a holiday party is the perfect way to recognize that. In order to throw a great holiday party, be sure to involve your employees in the planning process, plan the best party for your organization, and consider a few additional ways of showing your appreciation this holiday season.

Rally Your Employees

You don’t have to leave all the party planning to your Human Resources department. A great way to make sure that no one feels obligated to attend and everyone has a great time is to let your staff in on planning their party. Form a party planning committee made up of members of the HR team and a few volunteers from each department. Involve the committee in planning everything from the location of the event to the food to the date and time. Diversifying the group will mean that employees who may not work closely together will get to plan something for the entire office to enjoy. In fact, 75 percent of survey respondents said the holiday party helps build relationships with colleagues they may not usually interact with.

Letting your employees plan their own party can also encourage them to suggest and plan more office events throughout the year, which will help evolve and enhance your company’s corporate culture.
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