Tackling 4 Key Challenges of the Multigenerational Workforce

Business News Daily
Shannon Gausepohl

Working today often means joining a team with a range of ages. A millennial may manage you, but you may still work with Generation Xers and baby boomers.

As more boomers work past retirement age and as tech-savvy millennials continue to graduate and enter the workforce, the stark differences in the values, communication styles and work habits of each generation are becoming increasingly pronounced.

"Every person comes into the office with different life experiences, perspectives and views, which is valuable to the company," said Amy Casciotti, vice president human resources at TechSmith Corporation, a business and academic software product company. "[Having] varying perspectives of seeing the world helps you to see more of the landscape and your company's spot in it, and that's a great thing."

How do you create and manage a cohesive team? Here are the biggest challenges in the modern work environment and how to deal with them head-on...

...Negative stereotypes

Lazy. Entitled. Tech obsessed. Overeager. These are just a few of the terms that come to mind for many older workers when they think of millennials, and members of the younger generation are well aware of the stereotypical ideas they're up against. Rich Milgram, CEO of career network Beyond.com, pointed out that Gen Y isn't alone: Younger workers may perceive baby boomers as difficult to train and stubbornly set in their ways.

"Overcoming existing stereotypes is hard," Milgram told Business News Daily. "It takes a conscious effort to distinguish your own talents and not let preconceived notions do that for you. Workers need to match their vision of success with the work ethic that it will take to get there — meaning a willingness to go beyond what's expected."
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