Don't Let These Social Media Mistakes Ruin Your Career

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Shannon Gausepohl

Social media is a useful tool for entrepreneurs and professionals. It can better your personal and professional brands and connect you with other people in your industry. However, a slip-up can cost you your job or ruin your career.

According to recruiting software company Jobvite's Recruiter Nation Report, 92 percent of recruiters use social media in evaluating candidates. The report indicated that 47 percent of recruiters view photos of alcohol consumption on social media negatively, and oversharing on social media is a big turnoff for 60 percent of recruiters.

If you're currently employed and your actions online are negatively affecting your work, it may be grounds for you to lose your job...

...Watching your online behavior

If you're actively job searching, Joe Weinlick, senior vice president at career network Beyond, suggests spending some time searching your name to see what activity or internet history is associated with it.

"Whether that be a profane or controversial statement, or photos that make you appear unprofessional, it's really important to do everything you can to try and log in to old social media accounts and delete the evidence before you start applying for jobs," he said.

When in doubt, make sure that you're setting all your social profiles to private.
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