Small Businesses: Tolerance of Political Chatter in the Workplace Differs by Generation

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The 2016 Presidential Election has been anything but ordinary. With just a few weeks left until we name the next POTUS, political discussion could potentially dominate the water cooler as a hot conversation topic. Depending on what generation your employees fall into, they probably have varying opinions about the appropriateness of politics in the workplace. Since the last presidential election in 2012, the demographics of the working population have shifted slightly. In fact, Millennials have surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. With Millennials now dominating the workforce, managers need to think about how that might affect employees of all generations regarding political discussion at work.

Beyond, the Career Network, conducted a survey to find out how job seekers felt about sharing political views in the workplace. Here are three considerations for managers.
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