4 Ways Helping Others Helps Yourself

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Mike Moradian

We all love reading about good Samaritans who are making a difference in their community. These stories bring us to tears, make us laugh and restore our faith in a world that can often seem like a very dark place.

But what if we went a step further? What if we stopped scrolling and started acting?

Making a difference can benefit your community, as well as your professional and personal life. Even the smallest things can have a major impact on the world.

I challenge you to start making a difference today. Start here.

Challenge #1: Volunteer at a charity event.

Volunteering is important for the organization and for the community benefiting from the event. Homeless shelters, pet adoption agencies and various other charity groups depend on people to donate their time to help them stay in operation.

You will also benefit from engaging in volunteer work. Not only will it give you an improved perspective on life, but also it helps you develop more skills that can help your career.

In a 2014 study conducted by Millennial Branding and Beyond.com, 83 percent of the 2,978 respondents said companies are looking for communication skills. They are valued as the second most important attribute, second only to a positive attitude (84 percent).

What better way to develop a positive attitude and build your communication skills than by helping others through volunteering? You’ll learn other crucial skills, such as critical thinking and social skills, and improve your time management while spreading goodwill and making people smile.
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