It’s Okay to Leave a Job You Hate

Walk into any bar around town at happy hour and you’ll overhear more than one person complaining about work. Job dissatisfaction is pretty common and often people feel like they owe it to a company to suffer through a bad experience. A terrible manager, poor company culture, or even boredom make the work week difficult to get through. But how long should you have to wait a bad job out before you move on? The answer might surprise you.

According to a national survey of 11,000 job seekers conducted by Beyond, The Career Network, 46 percent of respondents said that six months to one year was an appropriate amount of time to “stick out” a job if it doesn’t make you happy. Today’s job seekers are impatient—and that’s okay.

One Short Stint Isn’t a Deal Breaker

A few decades ago, leaving a job after just a few years signaled disloyalty. Many people spent their entire working lives at one company, carefully worked their way up the corporate ladder, but times have changed. Professionals no longer feel they need to “pay their dues,” and instead will easily jump ship to get ahead in their career.
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