5 tips to better understand millennial managers

Sarah K. White

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, which means they're quickly infiltrating every rank in corporate America -- especially middle management. While millennials want much of the same things as previous generations, they also have different values and expectations for their employers.

And chances are, if you haven't been managed by a millennial yet, you will be soon. A survey from Future Workplace and Beyond found that 83 percent of respondents said they have seen millennials managing Gen-X and Baby Boomer employees in their workplace. But, 45 percent still think that these young managers have a negative impact on the company culture.

Bruce Tulgan, founder of RainmakerThinking, a management consulting firm, and author of multiple books on millennial workers and soft skills, points to a number of influences on millennial managers that past generations may not have experienced at the same point in their own careers.
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