Tech Talk With Craig Peterson

By Craig Peterson
Rich Milgram the Founder and CEO at joins Craig to discuss the role of mobile apps in the recruiting and job-search processes. is the world’s largest network of targeted career communities, serving nearly 27 million people through thousands of industry and local web sites. Segmentation, targeting and customer focus are the cornerstones of our unique approach to digital publishing, advertising and recruitment. We provide a custom and effective experience to our audience by distributing relevant content and advertisements through our network of professional web communities and related mediums including email, mobile platforms and social media. Immediately following this interview Craig will be joined by Michael Fox the Director at Carpathia Government Solutions. They will discuss managed hosting services. Carpathia’s suite of services is designed for organizations seeking scalable, secure, robust and enterprise-grade hosting solutions that can be quickly provisioned or tailored to meet unique requirements.
Listen to the complete Tech Talk With Craig Peterson & Rich Milgram Podcast.

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