App Nation – Job Seekers and Employers Go Mobile

By Rich Milgram


With the proliferation of the smartphone, everyone and everything is “going mobile.” From checking email to booking flights or even ordering a pizza, everything can be done on-the-go. This doesn’t stop at job searching. While the national unemployment rate is gradually improving, there are still many people on the job hunt. The ability to search for jobs anytime, from anywhere, can provide job seekers a competitive edge by staying informed, quickly reacting to new job opportunities and getting in front of prospective employers before the competition.

With everything in near real-time these days, it is imperative for mobile recruitment strategies to play a role in the way employers and job seekers connect with one another.
The Employer and Job-Seeker Benefit
Today’s professionals, preferring a discreet and faster way to receive and respond to job postings, are turning to mobile apps for job searching. It’s a convenient way for job seekers to search on a medium that’s fast, discreet and with them at all times – whether it’s while waiting for an appointment, in line at the grocery store or during their lunch break. In turn, this same convenience applies to HR professionals and recruiters, and it only makes sense to reach job seekers through this channel.
Mobile recruitment creates an opportunity for companies to engage with targeted candidates in a more immediate way, delivering content when and where people want to consume it – which is on their mobile devices. By incorporating mobile strategies into an overall recruitment program, employers are casting a wider net to reach a growing, tech-savvy and on-the-go audience. They are therefore able to effectively connect with job seekers the way they want to be reached.


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