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Joe Weinlick

Senior Vice President, Marketing

As Senior Vice President of Marketing for Beyond, Joe Weinlick is focused on guiding the company’s brand positioning and overseeing marketing strategy and execution across all markets.
Joe's role in defining the Beyond brand began two years before he joined the company, while he was Chief Brand Strategist for the Brownstein Group advertising agency. After leading the team that helped evolve the Beyond brand direction while at Brownstein, Joe embraced the opportunity to join Beyond in 2012 in order to drive Beyond's brand identity in a permanent role. Known for his expertise in cultivating powerful brand relationships through traditional and emerging technology, Joe plays a principal role in defining customer experience and supporting Beyond’s continued, rapid growth.
With more than 20 years of business and consumer marketing experience, Joe has developed strategies for major organizations including Microsoft, Comcast, IKEA, W.L. Gore, Saint-Gobain, and Siemens. Prior to joining Beyond, he served as Vice President of Unified Marketing at Godfrey Advertising, the second largest B2B agency in the United States. He also founded and managed Iliad Interactive, a full service interactive firm that was acquired by Brownstein Group. At Brownstein, he served as the Chief Brand Strategist and Senior Vice President.
Other roles held include Vice President, Chief Creative and Marketing Officer at Earle Palmer Brown Digital and Direct, and Director of Marketing for Maritz McGettigan. Joe earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Pennsylvania.
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