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Jen Bernstein

Jen Bernstein

Vice President, Client Success

Jen Bernstein serves as Vice President of Client Success at Beyond. Jen’s team of Account Managers services all clients ranging from employers, agencies and business development partners. Over the last three years, Jen has used her skills as an efficiency expert to successfully bridge the gap between two sides of the business by streamlining processes and cross training departments.

Jen works closely with the Product Development and Strategy teams to provide influence on various projects to create and enhance user tools that better service the end client as well as increase the effectiveness of internal resources.

With 13 years of experience in software support, online advertising, project management, client management and leadership, Jen is able to bring a variety of knowledge and expertise to tackle the many challenges of running a successful team. She has managed digital media campaigns for many large brands such as Apple, Kelloggs, Ford, GNC, General Mills and more.

Jen attended West Chester University, where she majored in Mathematics and has a degree in Computer Programming with Web Development. She enjoys doing crazy mud races, trail running with her dogs, and recently welcomed a baby boy!

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