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James John

James John

Chief Operating Officer

When James John, Chief Operating Officer of Beyond, joined the company in 2007, he saw an opportunity to create a new type of online community for job seekers and recruitment professionals.

Jim’s early career was centered primarily in international financial services, and included positions as president of the international division of Advanta Corporation and executive vice president of MasterCard International, Inc., the company that pioneered financial services affinity marketing. Jim went on to leverage his expertise in the innovative use of affinity programs to help other companies, eventually making his way to the internet arena in the late 1990s.  He held senior positions with both professional and technology startups before coming to Beyond at a key point in the company’s evolution.

Drawing on his previous experience in raising venture capital, Jim worked with CEO Rich Milgram to employ $13.5 million in Series A financing from Safeguard Scientifics to help realize their shared vision for Beyond. Namely, that the same affinity marketing that had proven successful for financial institutions and credit cards could revolutionize the career space, which had remained largely unchanged since the shift from newspaper classifieds to online job listings, and that Beyond’s technology and niche career sites and communities were a natural foundation for an affinity career network.

Since then, Beyond has established itself as the one true Career Network and experienced dramatic growth in several key areas, including its member base, posted jobs, hiring clients, advertisers and the Beyond team itself. Jim’s oversight includes the areas of Accounting & Finance, Business Development, Business Operations, Recruitment Sales, Marketing and Traffic and Mobile. He is excited to be a part of the career development industry and the evolving online advertising and networking world, as people continue to engage more deeply and find new ways to network around their careers.

Jim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from California State University, Fullerton and an MBA in Finance from California State University, Dominguez Hills.
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