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Rich Milgram

Rich Milgram

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Milgram, Founder and CEO of Beyond, started The Career Network because he believed there was a better way for professionals and employers to connect. Founded in 1998, Beyond began as a niche career site serving the Philadelphia area. Rich went on to expand the company into a thriving network of over 1,000 industry, local and specialty career sites, providing focused destinations for more than 35 million professionals in search of new opportunities and career development.

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James John

James John

Chief Operating Officer

When James John, Chief Operating Officer of Beyond, joined the company in 2007, he saw an opportunity to create a new type of online community for job seekers and recruitment professionals.

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Marla Milgram

Marla R. Milgram

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

A founder and co-owner of Beyond, Marla Milgram serves as the company’s Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. She is responsible for all aspects of Beyond's legal affairs and acts as counselor to senior management on matters including corporate alliances and acquisitions, licensing, finance, corporate compliance, corporate communications and policy for the enterprise.

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Mark Karsch

Mark Karsch

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Karsch is Chief Financial Officer for Beyond, a position he has held since 2007. In his role, Mark oversees all aspects of the Company's financial operations and controls, including planning and budgeting, financial management and reporting, coordination of the annual audits and tax compliance filings,  business planning, due diligence and integration of strategic opportunities, and treasury management, which includes managing the proceeds of $13.5 million in Series A financing from Safeguard Scientifics. In addition, Mark works closely with other members of the Beyond team in developing and executing strategic initiatives to help accelerate profitable revenue growth.   

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Steven L. Kraut

Steven L. Kraut

Vice President, Business Development

Steve Kraut has been a member of the Beyond team for more than 10 years. During that time, he has played an integral role in the company’s evolution and growth, including the development of career site partnerships sites that helped build Beyond’s robust niche network.

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Michael J. Owsiany

Michael J. Owsiany

Vice President, Strategy & Execution

As VP of Strategy and Execution, Michael is responsible for several key areas of Beyond’s business operations , including coordination of strategy, product roadmap and development activities, management and optimization of email, display and registration path inventory, production and home office infrastructure management, and data analytics.

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Joe Weinlick

Senior Vice President, Marketing

As Senior Vice President of Marketing for Beyond, Joe Weinlick is focused on guiding the company’s brand positioning and overseeing marketing strategy and execution across all markets.

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Joe Stubblebine

Vice President, Talent Solutions

Joe Stubblebine serves as Vice President of Talent Solutions at Beyond. Joe is responsible for the development and execution of corporate outreach initiatives to increase awareness of the Beyond brand to HR professionals and industry influencers, while also leveraging his extensive industry expertise and relationships to support several key areas of the business.

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James Bright

Vice President, Technology

James Bright, Beyond’s Vice President of Technology, is responsible for building and evolving the technology that powers The Career Network. In partnership with the Beyond product and management team, James works to establish a roadmap for products and features that help realize the vision and strategy of the company. He also designs the major architectural components of Beyond and is responsible for ensuring that the technology team executes on its implementation.

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Jen Bernstein

Vice President, Client Success

Jen Bernstein serves as Vice President of Client Success at Beyond. Jen’s team of Account Managers services all clients ranging from employers, agencies and business development partners. Over the last three years, Jen has used her skills as an efficiency expert to successfully bridge the gap between two sides of the business by streamlining processes and cross training departments.

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John Krautzel

John Krautzel

Vice President, Marketing and Member Experience

As Vice President of Marketing and Member Experience, John Krautzel is responsible for overseeing Beyond’s user experience and member services.

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Paula Downing

Paula Downing

Vice President, Finance and Customer Success

Paula began at Beyond in 2007 as Director of Finance. In 2011, she also assumed responsibility for the Customer Success group that supports Beyond’s 50+ million members. Paula was promoted in 2015 to become the Vice President of Finance and Customer Success.

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