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One of our main goals for the Career Portfolio was to make creating and updating it as easy as possible.  Listed below are several commonly asked questions about how to edit the Career Portfolio, and answers that should help you through the process. 

How to edit your Career PortfolioQ. How do I update or change the content in my portfolio?
A. Mouse over the piece of content you want to change and you’ll see an outline (a dark line) appear. Click when you see that outline, and an Edit window will open. Save your changes and they will update live!
Q. How can I change the order of the sections of my portfolio?
A. Click and hold the two-way arrows at the top left of each section, while dragging up or down.

Q. How can I change the order of items within portfolio sections (like jobs in my work experience, or the blocks in my stats)?
A. Hover over the item you want to re-order, and in most cases you will see two or four-way arrows appear to the left of the item.  Click and hold the arrows, while dragging up, down, and sometimes side-to-side.

Note: There are a few sections that don’t allow you to adjust the order using the arrows: the Timeline, Keywords, and My Interests.

Q. Can I change the names of Portfolio sections? Can I show or hide sections? What is that little cog icon for?
A. Most content areas have a “cog” icon at the top right. You will have several settings available when you click on the cog: change the name/title of the content section; adjust the “style,” or the section background color; and show or hide the section from view.

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