Company History and Milestones, Inc. has always been a fast-paced company that constantly strives to foster growth and innovation. Since its inception, the Network has grown to provide career opportunities and strategic recruitment solutions to millions of registered members.

Founding the Company

On January 1, 1998, was launched as a free job board serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area. By the end of the year, the company evolved into the 4Business Network, supplying recruiting software and connectivity to facilitate the staffing process for employment and recruitment agencies.

Transitioning to a National Corporation

In 2000, the 4Business Network acquired the domain and turned it into a central hub from which to grow nationally. The 4Business Network evolved into the 4Jobs Career Network, under parent company Artemis HR, Inc. The company continued to develop job board and applicant tracking software and began to license this software to other web communities, linking each one in to the 4Business Network.

Building the Network

In 2002, Artemis HR partnered with Vertical Net to power all of its vertical industry websites, instantly expanding the reach and industry focus of the 4Jobs Career Network. In January 2004, the Network grew to include more than 2,000 job search sites with the acquisition of

Going Beyond

In 2005, Artemis HR re-branded to, Inc., rendering a corporate image consistent with efforts to deliver product and service offerings beyond those of traditional job boards.

In March 2007, Beyond raised $13.5 Million in Series A financing from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) to pursue marketing, acquisition and software development objectives.

Growing through Acquisition and Expansion

In August 2007, Beyond acquired from CMP Media, including all staff and assets located in New York City.

In November 2007, Beyond established a significant international presence with the acquisition of, Inc., Canada’s largest career network, gaining nearly 800 U.S. and Canadian domains along with staff and an office in Ottawa, Canada.

In September 2009, Beyond acquired Matthews Career Centers, permanently adding hundreds of local career communities to the Beyond Network, including, and

Going Global

In October 2010, Beyond was selected as the exclusive U.S. partner of The Network, a formal alliance of 36 leading job boards in more than 100 countries.  Beyond now serves as a single point of contact for businesses in the U.S. market to recruit talent on a global scale.

Being Social

Also in October 2010, Beyond acquired Orbius, a powerful social platform that allows businesses to create and govern their own social or professional networking communities. The acquisition will allow Beyond members to evolve beyond the traditional job search experience and discover new ways to connect and engage throughout their career.

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