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Rich Milgram

Rich Milgram

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Milgram is the Founder and CEO of, Inc.  He can provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date information concerning national, local and industry-specific employment trends and analysis by leveraging data from Beyond’s Network of thousands of industry and local web sites.  He is a subject matter expert on the topics of online recruitment, software development and applications, career consulting, entrepreneurship, identity protection, and related topics.

Rich has been contacted by national media outlets including Inc. Magazine, ABC News, BtoB Magazine, HR Magazine, NY Post, Newsweek and HR Executive for information. He has appeared in two live television interviews on Fox News and has been featured on several occasions in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Business Journal.

He has authored several articles for online and print publications including: HR Fact Finder, Staffdigest, Workspan Magazine, Canadian HR Reporter and Technology Times.  Additional interviews include:, Boston Herald, Washington Times, Online Recruitment Magazine, Certification Magazine, HR Magazine, Business Talk Radio, ABC Radio Networks and Family Business Magazine.

Rich launched a recruitment blog in 2008,, which was created to proactively share industry trend data, and discuss ideas and thoughts across a variety of recruitment and workplace-related topics.


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