Hiring Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

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The Career Network:

What is The Career Network?  How does it work?
The Career Network is comprised of millions of members, who explore new career possibilities on over 500 talent communities and 1,000 niche career sites. Recruiting with The Career Network allows you to target top talent through relevant industry, local and specialty channels.  

When you post with us, your jobs are distributed throughout all relevant sites on the network for maximum exposure to your target audience.  You can also search members across the network when you purchase Premium Search through Beyond.com.  

How are my jobs distributed throughout the network?
When you post your job with Beyond.com, it is automatically distributed to all related sites in The Career Network based on up to two industries and one location, which you select during the posting process.  All postings are also distributed to related sites within our specialty channels including diversity, entry level and executive. In addition to distribution to the sites, job postings are automatically posted to all relevant mobile applications and twitter feeds.

Are any of your hiring solutions free?
Yes, we provide several services to our hiring clients at no charge. All you need to do to take advantage of these services is register for an account.

  • Our Applicant Tracking System includes a customizable Corporate Career Site, a back end management system, and the ability to post jobs for free to your Corporate Career Site.
  • Our search preview allows you to demo our candidate search functionality and view partial profiles to help you decide whether to purchase Premium Search.
  • If you opt into our Resume Distribution Service you will receive profiles via email from members who have paid to promote themselves. You can specify the job functions and locations you typically hire for, and we’ll only send you profiles from members who match your requirements. These tend to be members who are actively managing their careers and spending time developing a professional presence, and can be a great way to uncover some dedicated professionals.
  • You can set search alerts to be notified when new members matching your hiring needs join our network. You can create as many alerts as you need using criteria like keywords, location, job function and more.
  • Job postings, Premium Search, email marketing, display advertising, sponsorships and other premium products must be purchased.   


Account Sign In:

I am not able to sign in to my account.
There is a separate sign in area for employers that is different that the sign in for those who are looking for jobs and managing their careers. If you are having trouble signing in, please make sure you are using the page for hiring clients.

If you are on the correct sign in page, and have created an account, then please check to make sure you are using the correct email address and password combination. If you forget your password, you can request it.

If you request a password and receive the following message on the login page: "Oops! There is no account associated with the email address you entered. Please check your spelling or try again" then you can create a new account.

If you still have a problem, it may be due to an inability of the site to read cookies from your computer. Our site uses cookies to verify that you are signed in, so you may need to check your cookie settings in your browser and make sure that you have them enabled. Finally, if none of the above, works, feel free to call us at (866) 694-Jobs for assistance.


Job Postings and Slots:

What is the difference between a nationwide job posting and a standard job posting?
Whether you purchase a nationwide job posting or a standard job posting, it will be distributed across all relevant sites in The Career Network. The job posting will appear in any relevant searches performed by candidates across our network of sites.

  • Nationwide job postings appear in searches where candidates select industries and keywords that match those identified in your job description, regardless of the geographic location the candidate specifies. Nationwide job postings are ideally suited for companies offering the same position in multiple locations, work-at-home positions or other positions offered on a national scale.
  • Standard job postings appear in searches where candidates select industries, keywords AND geographic locations that match those identified in your job description. Standard job postings are ideal for companies recruiting for positions in a specific geographic location.

How long does a job posting last?
Job postings last for 30-days.

When does my time begin for a 30-day job posting?
The time begins at the time of purchase.

What is a job slot?
A job slot allows you to post different jobs to the same “slot” within a given time period. For example, if you purchase one job slot for a term of 90 days, you can post one job description and when that position is filled, you can post a completely different position including title and location of the job. You can do this as many times as you like before the 90 day term is over.  Job slots cannot be purchased online; you must call (866) 694-JOBS to speak with a recruitment consultant who can help determine which options best suit your needs.

If I purchased a job slot, how do I post a new position once my original posting has been filled?
If you would like to replace your original posting with a new one, first you will need to click My Job Postings from your Home Page. You will need to deactivate your original posting by clicking on the Deactivate icon. Once your original posting is inactive, you can post a new job. To post your new position, click Create a New Job Posting on your Home Page and enter the criteria for your posting. Make sure to check the box to have your posting distributed across the network on the second page of the job posting process.

How do I edit my job posting?
To edit any of your job postings, first sign in to your account and click on My Job Postings. Locate the job you would like to edit and then click on the Edit Job icon. This will bring you to the job posting form to edit your posting. Once you are finished editing, click Save and Continue. You will then be brought to the Job Distribution Options page where you can choose if you would like to change your site distribution, applicant submissions and applicant filter. Whether or not you wanted to change any of your job distribution options, you must click on Save Job Distribution Options so all of your changes will be saved to your job posting.

Can I edit all of the fields in my job posting?
When you are editing your job posting, you will notice that you cannot change the location or title of your job posting. These two fields are not available for editing once you have posted your job. Please contact employer@beyond.com for more information regarding this policy.

How long does it take for jobs I post to become live on the site?
Once you are finished posting your job, your job will be sent to us for approval. Please remember that no contact information should be included in the body of the jobs that are posted to the site. Also, your posting must have a valid U.S. city, state and zip code or valid international location information entered in the location fields. If you adhere to these stipulations, your posting will be approved more quickly. The entire approval process usually takes approximately 45 minutes when the job is properly posted. If you do not see your posting live on the site within an hour, please contact us and we will check on the status of your posting.

How do I refresh my job posting? Does the date change? What exactly does refreshing my job do?
To refresh your job posting, click on My Job Postings from your Home Page.  Locate the job you would like to refresh and click the Refresh Job icon to the left of it.  To refresh all your active job postings, click the Refresh All Jobs button at the top the page.  When you’re finished, the posting date of each job will change to reflect the date it was refreshed. When candidates conduct a job search, your refreshed posting will show closer to the top of search results.

Will my email address and name be seen by applicants when they are viewing my posting?
When applicants apply to your position, they are not able to view your email address, name or any of the contact information on your account or job posting. Applicants are directed to simply apply online. Once they do, their contact information and profile are sent directly to you via email. It is then up to you to contact candidates you are interested in.

How can I filter my applicants?
You can filter your applicants by country when you are posting a job. When you sign in to your account and click create new job posting, you can enter your job information. When you are finished, click on Save and Continue. This will bring you to the job distribution options page.

The first option is to filter your applicants. You have the option to allow all applicants, allow applicants within the country only (where “the country” is the country the job is posted in), or allow applicants within the United States or Canada only.

How do I remove a job posting from your site?
If you would like to remove your job posting, you will need to sign in to your account and click on My Job Postings. Choose the posting you would like to remove and click the Deactivate icon to the left of it. Once you deactivate your posting, it will no longer be live on the site.

If you don’t manually remove your job, it will automatically deactivate once it reaches the end of its 30-day term.

How do I delete unqualified candidates who have applied to my jobs?
You have the ability to delete any candidates that do not meet your hiring needs. After you sign in to your account, click on My Applicants & Notes. From the “job posting” drop down list, choose the position for which you want to see applicants and then click the Show Applicants button on the right. Please note: you must choose one position, instead of choosing Show All Applicants, in order to utilize this feature.

You will see that the last column on the right is for the status of your candidates. The default status is Pending. Once you decide which candidates do not fit your hiring needs, change the status from Pending to Not Selected. Please be aware that once you change the status to Not Selected, the candidate’s information will be deleted and you will not be able to retrieve it again.

When candidates apply to my jobs, where does their information go?
When posting a job, you can choose how you’d like to receive your applicant information.  You can receive it by email, or you can choose to direct candidates to an Apply URL or your Corporate Career Site to apply.  Whether you choose to receive candidates by email or send them to your Corporate Career Site, the candidate profile will also be available from your home page.  Just click on My Applicants & Notes and select the job for which you’d like to see applicants.

For more information on Job Postings, please visit our Training Center.


Company Logo Upload & Description:

Please note: this functionality is available to account administrators only.

If I add these, where are they used?
Your company logo and description will be displayed on your job postings as well as areas on the site where we feature hiring companies, and will help position your company and increase brand recognition.  Areas your logo may appear include job search results, community pages, and even the Beyond.com home page. Your logo will link to your job postings, providing even more visibility for your jobs.  We highly recommend providing a logo whenever possible.  

If I delete or replace my logo and company description on the job posting form, do they get changed everywhere?
Yes, any changes made to your logo and company description from the job posting form will affect all active jobs with that information included.

If I edit or delete them on the Manage Company Information form, will the changes be reflected in my currently posted jobs?
If you delete your logo and/or description, they will be deleted from all active postings.  If you add or edit your logo and/or description, you will have the option to apply your changes to all active jobs or not.  


Candidate Search:

Why is some profile information hidden from view?
Member profile information is hidden from view because you are viewing profiles in preview mode.  This could occur for two reasons:

The first is that you do not have full profile access on your account, either because you haven’t purchased a premium search package or because you did purchase but you’ve run out of profile views.  In either case, you can buy a premium search package to see full profile information.  

If you have purchased premium search and have profile views available, but are seeing profiles in preview mode anyway, it is likely because your account is set to view profiles in preview mode first.  This has either been set on purpose by your account administrator, or we’ve set it that way as a courtesy to you because the premium search package you purchased included only a small number of profile views (preview mode allows you to review partial member profiles before deciding whether you want to use a view to see the full profile).  In either case, you can simply click the “View Full Profile” button at the top of the page to see the full profile.  At that time we will deduct a profile view from your account.  
What constitutes a profile view?
A profile view is deducted each time you view a full profile that you have not viewed before.  If you view full profile information for the same member account more than once, only one profile view will ever be deducted.  

If you view a profile in preview mode (where some information is hidden), a profile view is not deducted; you must click the “View Full Profile” button for that to happen.

If I save a profile, how long will it be saved?
Once you save a profile, it will not be removed from your saved profiles page unless a member deactivates their account.

There is also a recently viewed profiles page, where you can find profiles that you have viewed recently but did not save. This will display the last 100 profiles that were viewed.

How can I receive emails notifying me when new candidates who meet my needs join the network?
There are two ways to do this.  You can set up an email alert when searching our candidate database, posting a job, or both.

To create an alert when searching the database, you can either check the “add alert” box at the bottom of the search form before you run a search or click the “create alert” button at the top of your search results page after you’ve run a search.  

To create an alert while posting a job you will need enter your job description AND keywords you believe potential candidates will use to find jobs like yours into the job posting form.  Then at the bottom of the page, you will see the option to “Add Alert.”  Make sure you have selected “Yes.”

To delete either of these types of alerts, go to your search alerts page, find the alert you wish to delete, and click the “remove alert” link.   

On the search page, what is the significance of the options tab?
The options tab is where you can save your search preferences. The preferences you set will be saved and used in future searches until you change them or clear your cookies.

What is the reference location on the options tab?  How is it used?
The reference location is the location we use to calculate the distance between you and the people in your search results. While it will auto populate with the location information specified on your Contact Information form, you may change it to better suit your needs.  This can be done on a search by search basis, or you can set it once and use it for future searches.

How does the advanced search work?
The advanced search tool is best used for complex searches or if you need help constructing a Boolean search. With this tool, you can indicate how you would like your keywords to be used. You can request that all of your keywords be found in your search results, any of the words or the exact phrase. You can also state if you would like the keywords included or not included and where you would like to find them in the candidates’ profile.

Do you support Boolean searching?
Yes we do. You may conduct a Boolean search by inputting keywords into the Who/What box.  If you do not know how to run a Boolean search, we suggest you use the advanced search tool to assist you.

For more detailed information on Candidate Search, please visit our Training Center.


Applicant Tracking System & Corporate Career Site:

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic management of corporate recruitment needs. Most systems include a corporate career site, allowing companies to post jobs onto their own website, as a way to attract candidates. Candidates may apply for specific jobs or post their profiles generally to the company. The most effective types of ATS will store this candidate data inside a database to allow for effective searching, filtering and routing of applicants.

The primary organizational benefit of an Applicant Tracking System is improved productivity of the recruiting team. Electronic handling of requisition and candidate data allows significant opportunities to reduce inefficiencies through automated processes. Further, the improved organization of candidate information allows for quicker decision-making. The end result is reduced cost and time per hire.

How do I choose how my job postings are distributed? What are my options?
You can do this during the job postings process, or anytime afterward by editing your job posting.  To do it during the job posting process, go to the job posting form.  Fill in your job information and click Save and Continue. You will then be brought to the Job Distribution Options page where you can choose to post your job for free to your Corporate Career Site, pay for premium distribution to The Career Network, or both. If you choose premium distribution and haven’t already bought a posting package, you can pay at the time of posting. After you choose your distribution option, click Save Job Posting.


Your Home Page:

What is my home page?
Your home page is where you can manage all aspects of your account and recruitment efforts with us. When you sign in to your account, your home page is where you land. From there, you can:

  • Post jobs to the Beyond.com Career Network.  If you’ve created a Corporate Career Site with us, you can also post jobs there for free from your Home Page.
  • View active job postings and remaining inventory on your purchased products.  
  • Save, search, filter and forward candidate profiles.
  • Launch, customize and manage your Corporate Career Site.
  • Request interviews with potential candidates by e-mail.
  • Add notes to candidate profiles or to your To-Do list.
  • Generate reports to track job posting and account activity, and much more.

What statistics are displayed in the My Products section of my Home Page?
Job Posting section:

  • Active Network Jobs – This is the total number of jobs that are currently posted on the Beyond.com Career Network by all users under the main account.
  • Remaining Network Jobs – This is the total number of purchased postings under the main account that are still available to post to the Beyond.com Career Network.
  • Active Corporate Career Site Jobs – This is the total number of jobs that are live on your Corporate Career Site.
  • Please note, if you have job slots on your account instead of standard job postings, the expiration date of your slot product will be displayed under “Remaining Network Slots.”

Profile Products section:

  • Views Remaining – This is the total number of profile views that are remaining under the main account; it is not separated out by individual user.

What reports can I run from my account and how can I customize them?
Any account user designated as a Manager or Administrator can run account activity reports from their Home Page. Just follow these easy instructions for running and customizing reports:

  • Sign in to your Hiring account. From your Home Page, click the link labeled Run Reports in the Track Yourself & Your Recruiters section.
  • The types of reports available are as follows:
    • Contact Information Report – Search and compile names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for candidates and company contacts.
    • Candidate Information Report – Track candidate information including location, current job title, salary requirements, profile creation date and contact information.
    • Job Posting Report – Track job descriptions posted to your main company account by single or multiple users. Return information including job posting title, posting status (active or inactive), recruiter name, title and email, posting date, position salary requirements and more.
    • Meeting Schedule Report – Search meetings scheduled from your main company account by single or multiple users. Track information including meeting date, status, location, and type, candidate and recruiter name and associated job.
    • Notes Report – Track notes by type, contact, priority, follow-up status, follow-up date, creation date, creator and more.

Reports can be customized by entering time periods for which you wish to view results. You can also choose information you want to include from multi-select boxes, and select your preferred format for viewing results.


Additional Users:

Can I add additional users to my account?
Yes. Each hiring account allows as many as five (5) users, including the original user and up to four others. Each additional user will be given a sub-account under the original, main account. Users can sign in to their respective sub-accounts, and all activity can be monitored and tracked by Manager/Administrator accounts (Reference the last question below). Keep in mind that there can be only one Administrator per account.

How do I add users to my account?
You can provide other members of your recruiting team with access to a centralized Hiring account. On your Home Page, click the Add/Change User Roles link in the Manage Your Licenses section. This is where you can add new users to a centralized, main account and designate roles for each user. Here’s how to add a new user to your account:

  1. Once you are on the Add/Change User Roles page, click Add/Change Team Roles.
  2. Then, click Add New Contact.
  3. Enter the contact information for the new user you wish to add.
  4. Be sure you have filled in all the required fields, and click the arrow on the bottom right to save your user information.
  5. Finally, assign your new user’s role – Recruiter, Manager or Administrator. (But remember, you can have only one Administrator assigned to a given account.)
  6. Click the arrow to save your role assignment, and you will be taken to your recruiter view, where the new user’s information should now appear.

Once a new user has been added, they will be emailed their user name (email address) and password for a sub-account. To activate their sub-account, each new user will have to check their email, sign in to their new sub-account, and change their password.

How do multiple users sign in to the same account?
Additional users can sign in to their respective sub-accounts at any time using their user name (email address) and password information. All activity can be monitored by the Manager/Administrator user roles.

Can multiple users be signed in at the same time?
Yes, multiple users can be signed in to their respective sub-accounts at the same time.

There are three roles I can assign to users in my employer account – Recruiter, Manager and Administrator. What functions are available to each role?
Users who are given the Recruiter role will only have access to their own sub-account, and the job postings and applicants from that sub-account. They will not see the Run Report, Team List or Team Job Postings links, or have access to the Corporate Career Site or Manage Your Licenses boxes.

Users who are given the Manager role will have access to all links within the Track Yourself & Your Recruiters box on your Home Page and be able to use the features inside, including:

  • Run Reports – Results will return data from the entire team.
  • Team List – View each team member and their job postings, and send notes to team members.
  • Team Job Postings – View, copy, edit and inactivate job postings for the entire team. Also view profiles submitted to each posting.

Managers will not see or have access to any of the functionality of the Corporate Career Site or the Manage Your Licenses section of your Home Page.

Users given the Administrator role – limited to one per account – will be able to see and use all functions in all sections of your Home Page. This includes the Track Yourself & Your Recruiters section, Corporate Career Site section and Manage Your Licenses section, which gives you access to add and/or change user roles. The user who originally registers the main account will automatically be given Administrator status, until designated otherwise.

For more information on additional users, please visit our Training Center.


Billing Questions:

Can I be invoiced?
You can choose to be invoiced if you spend a minimum of $600 and make a purchase through a sales representative.

Are you net or gross?
This answer depends on the type of employer you are, so it will be best answered by contacting a recruitment consultant at (866) 694-JOBS.


OFCCP Compliance:

Who has to comply with the OFCCP Internet Applicant Rule?
The OFCCP regulations currently apply to all federal contractors and primary subcontractors who hold at least $10,000 in Federal or federally-assisted contracts in any twelve-month period, regardless of employee size, and who use the Internet to fill job openings. Banks and financial institutions that serve as depositories of Federal funds, or issue and pay U.S. savings bonds and notes in any amount are also subject to the regulations.

Once an employer is subject to these regulations, all of that business’ operations and divisions will be subject to the regulations, even if the Federal contract will be performed by only one of the divisions.

What is the new definition of an "Internet applicant?"
An Internet Applicant is a job seeker who meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • Expresses interest in employment through the Internet or related electronic data technologies, such as email, fax or resume databanks
  • Is considered for a particular position
  • Possesses the basic qualifications for that position (as defined in your job posting announcement)
  • Does not voluntarily remove him or herself from consideration or otherwise indicates that he or she is no longer interested in the position

What information related to Internet Applicants must be tracked to be in compliance?
Employers must now track all records pertaining to the hiring process, including: copies of job postings; all resumes received or considered for positions they intend to fill; information about the race, gender, and ethnicity of applicants; and interview notes.

For how long must the employer archive these records?
All of this information must be kept for a minimum of two years, in the event that they are needed for any OFCCP review or audit.

What are the potential penalties for non-compliance?
A contractor's federal contracts could be terminated, and it may be barred from future federal contracts. Fines paid by employers a as a part of a "settlement" for non-compliance with OFCCP rules have been as high as $138,000. Non-compliance with OFCCP rules also may leave an employer more vulnerable to lawsuits by employees and job applicants.

How can I activate the Beyond.com Compliance service to assist with compliance to the OFCCP rule?
You can activate our OFCCP functionality by logging onto your account and completing the compliance request form. Beyond.com compliance is NOT automatic; it must be requested in order to activate the tracking functionality.

How do I gain access to my data when I need it?
You should contact us by calling (866) 694-JOBS. There is no charge for the tracking of your data, but there will be a charge associated with extraction of the data depending upon the amount of data and format required.

The information contained on this web site is provided as a service and does not constitute legal advice. Use of this service does not ensure compliance with the OFCCP Rule. We strongly recommend consulting with a qualified attorney for review of your OFCCP and other compliance programs.

For more information regarding the OFCCP Internet Applicant Rule, please visit the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission.


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